Permanent lifting magnets TPM

Permanent lifting magnets TPM

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Heavy workpieces made of ferromagnetic material can be transported quickly and easily with the permanent lifting magnet type TPM.

It is particularly suitable for use in workshops and warehouses as well as for loading and unloading machines.


Your Advantages

  • Load capacity 100 - 3,000 kg
  • Ideal for the simple, fast and therefore economical transport of heavy workpieces made of ferromagnetic material
  • Use in the workshop and warehouse, when loading and unloading machines and in fixture construction
  • Small dimensions make the models attractive for a large number of other applications


  • Both flat and round materials can be picked up
  • The load is not influenced mechanically
  • The high-performance magnetic material enables a large lifting force with a low dead weight
  • The permanent magnets do not require an electrical supply
  • After it has been switched off, there is only a slight residual magnetism
  • Switching on and off is easy by turning a hand lever
  • In the activated state, the operating lever is locked by a safety lock so that unintentional demagnetization is prevented
  • For safety reasons, we recommend that you take into account the various conditions such as surface properties, material alloy and plate thickness of the materials when selecting the magnets


In order to achieve maximum load-bearing capacity, the stop surface must be bare and free from oil, grease, rust, paint, etc. The load capacity is measured on the raw material ST37.

Technical Information

 Type TPM 0.1
TPM 0.3 TPM 0.5 TPM 0.8 TPM 1.0 TPM 2.0 TPM 3.0
Load capacity kg 100 300 500 800 1,000 2,000 3,000
Material thickness min. mm 5 10 12 16 18 24 25
Material length max. mm 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 3,500 3,500 3,500
L x W x H
mm 122 x 89 x 185 192 x 95 x 225 232 x 120 x 270 302 x 154 x 320 332 x 154 x 320 392 x 196 x 420 497 x 220 x 453
Weight kg 5.3 13.5 27.5 52 57 125 195