Lever Roller Type 3
Lever Roller Type 3
Lever Roller Type 3

Lever Roller Type 3

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With the patented Bartels lever roller, roller plates can be pulled effortlessly.

The minimal turning circle enables manoeuvring even in tight spaces. It is available in different versions and with different payloads.

In addition, we offer you the Rack Storage roll plates,

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Your Advantages

  • Load capacity for trolley 1,500 kg
  • Fast and handy
  • Transport on 4 wheels and park on two wheels with the matching roller platform
  • Maximum turning circle thanks to the large steering angle
  • Can be rotated practically on the spot
  • Drawbar can be fixed vertically to save space for maneuvering in confined spaces
  • Pulling instead of pushing is effortless
  • Security thanks to the firm locking between the lever roller and the roller plate
  • The tiller does not snap up unintentionally


  • Solid steel construction
  • Without breaks 
  • Ø 250 mm solid rubber wheels
  • With ball head Ø 47 mm


  • Blood orange RAL 2002
  • Painting in other RAL colours is possible - please ask.

By Request

  • With e-train coupling for attaching to tractor vehicles - please ask.